DEH® (Dynamic Energetic Healing®)

DEH® (Dynamic Energetic Healing®) has been developed by Mary Hammond and grew out of the exploration of Mary and two colleagues.

Many people work for a long time to resolve certain life situations, with little relief. That may be due to the problem originating in ancestral or past lives, while one is in utero or at birth. When these traumas are resolved, the person may then easily move through current life situations.

DEH provides a systematic way of locating and clearing those origins.

Often people's lives change dramatically after the origins to a particular problem have been cleared. This may happen in as few as 8 sessions.

I have been a practitioner of DEH since 2008. For more information, please contact me. 

Or visit Mary's site


Mary Hammond, Living Your Soul's Purpose: Wellness and Passion with Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine (Salem, OR, Global Healing Press, 2008).

About Paula and Birth Your Life

I have been in the healing arts for over 20 years. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC 40547) in California, a Diplomate in Comprehensive Energy Psychology (DCEP), a TAT® Trainer, a ThetaHealing® Instructor, and a practitioner of DEH and Rosen Method Bodywork. I have a long-time practice in meditation.

Birth Your Life has been developed out of my passion for helping others recover from trauma and claim and live their lives to their fullest capacity.

I work with individuals, families and groups in my Oakland office and via phone or Skype.

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